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I precisely remember the first time when I saw a Double QR code. I thought that it was just a fancier version of a barcode. Later on, I was pleasantly surprised to see how different and advanced this technology turned out to be.

Today, we as a whole are well acquainted with the notable high-contrast square plan of a QR code. The expanded entrance of cell phones and admittance to the high-velocity web has prompted the monstrous reception of the QR codes. That is the justification for why we see it wherever whether it's for shopping, films, promotions, and so on

In this article, we will see what QR codes are? What are its different types? How does it work? What are its benefits and drawbacks? And everything else that you should know about QR Codes.

So, let’s see what QR codes actually are.


 What is a QR code and what’s its history? 


QR is a shortening for Fast Reaction. The QR Code is only a two-layered code. It has an example of dark squares that are organised on a square framework with a white foundation. Imaging gadgets, for example, cell phone cameras can be utilised to peruse these QR Codes.


QR Codes are very like standardised tags with the exception of the way that they can store a bigger measure of data per unit region.


It played a crucial role in the following :

  • Qr code payments for merchants
  • Qr code payments for shop owners
  • Qr code payments for vendors

QR code mobile payment services as it enabled businesses to accept digital payments without investing in any hardware such as the point of sale terminal.


Difference between Barcode and Double QR code

One major difference between QR codes and barcodes is that the QR codes can be scanned from both paper and screen. On the other hand, linear barcodes can be scanned only from paper. That’s precisely the reason why you see QR codes both on apps as well as at online stores.


To scan a QR code, you need to have one of the following things:

  • A barcode reader that has the capability to scan QR codes.
  • Tablet or a smartphone with an inbuilt camera.

These days, there are likewise numerous QR code examination applications accessible that permit clients to check the QR codes effortlessly. All the client needs to do is open the camera and spot it towards the QR code; this will promptly distinguish it and hence open a pop-up message. The client then, at that point, simply needs to tap on it to complete the activity.

There are likewise some instalment and banking applications that can cycle QR codes with the end goal of bank moves and instalments

Examining beneficiary's QR code with a cell phone

In this cycle, the client needs to open the telephone camera or the significant QR code check application. A short time later, they need to filter the code that is shown on a singular item, paper bill, or at a store's checkout. Different offers and dedication focuses could likewise be applied through the application on the off chance that it's a store-explicit application

Retailers examining QR codes on client's telephone screen

In the QR code instalment process, the client opens the instalment application once the complete exchange sum is set in the POS arrangement of the retailer. The QR code instalment application shows a QR code that relates to the client's card subtleties. The retailer then, at that point, filters the QR code with a scanner consequently closing the exchange.

App-to-app payments

In this process, both the sender and the recipient open their applications. The sender then scans the unique QR code that is generated in the recipient’s application. The sender, at last, confirms the amount to be paid and taps to complete the payment.

Kinds of QR Code

There are two kinds of classes for QR codes. How about we see them individually.

Static QR code

In this kind of QR code, the URL of the real objective site is put straightforwardly in the QR code. The substance of these QR codes isn't editable. These can't be followed; nonetheless, they can be corrected by adding the URL.

Static QR codes are utilised for working with fast and straightforward instalments in different businesses like conveyance administration, in-home administrations, in-store retails, cab drivers, and road merchants. In all of this, every one of the clients needs to simply filter the QR code to make the instalments with next to no problems.

Dynamic QR code

The unique QR code is editable. It likewise accompanies extra elements like access to the executives, secret phrase insurance, checks examination, and gadget-based redirection. With a dynamic QR code, you can likewise figure out the different subtleties like the number of individuals who examined the code, the sort of gadget they utilised for checking, the scanner's area, and so on.

Advantages of utilising QR codes

QR code accompanies a few advantages that assist you with contacting all your possible clients. We should view a couple of them.

Instant payments

One of the greatest benefits of utilising QR codes is that it works with moment instalment. Making instalments by means of QR codes is incredibly fast when contrasted with different methods of instalment. Every one of the clients needs to do is essentially open the QR code check application, filter the QR code, and affirm to deal with the instalment. In a couple of moments, the instalments are made.

Top-grade security

Making Instant payouts through QR codes is extremely secure. This is on the grounds that the QR code is only a device that is utilised to trade data. Any information which is moved by means of QR codes is scrambled accordingly making the instalment idiot-proof secure.

Easy to set up

It is incredibly simple to set up QR code instalments. You needn't bother with quite a bit of a foundation. You just require a cell phone with a camera and a QR code which is either printed or in an electronic structure. The utilisation of QR codes for instalments likewise kills the necessity of retail location machines or some other exceptional hardware utilised for instalments.

Higher reliability

QR code instalments are a secure instalment strategy as it disposes of the likelihood of any sort of mistake. The example of secret elements comprises novel information which improves the dependability of the QR code instalments.

Major use cases of QR code payments with DigiPe

  • Double QR
  • Unlimited settlements
  • Instant payouts
  • Give back to mother nature
  • Collect payments on-the-go

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Conclusion :

DigiPe has come up with double QR, which gives you double the success rate when scanned. In this case, the payment isn't made with just one scanner, but rather it is made with a second QR code. This means that shopkeepers are paid on time and can focus on growing their businesses.

I trust this article assisted you with understanding a few things about QR codes like what they are? What's its set of experiences? How would they function? What are its sorts? What's more, finally there are upsides and downsides. 

The QR code innovation is being taken on at a sped-up rate all through the world because of its few advantages. Be that as it may, it additionally accompanies its own arrangement of cons as referenced in the article. 

It will be fascinating to perceive how this innovation adjusts to the consistently impacting universe of innovation. The reality of the situation will come out eventually whether it will develop further or die until the end of time.


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